Their Virgin Princess - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake
Another great book in this series of ménage relationships. I like how the authors could transform this into a very long and hefty life style. There are so many book being released now that are mostly just a bunch of BDSM together, but this series has more feelings and intensity than most.

Another part that I like are the connections and how much these guys are faithful to their believes. We've met Alea before while her cousins were kidnapping their wife and also heard about her rescue during book two, but now we can see her after everything happened and how she's holding on.

She has three bodyguards and they are madly in love with her, but not everything is so simple and she has some fears after her abduction and the time she spent locked in the brothel, but other things happen and we discover that they still need to identify how was responsible to pay for her kidnapping in the first place.

But the romance was actually my favorite part in this story, the sex was not so great as the previous, but the romance and how Landon and Cooper managed to make her feel pretty and beautiful was amazing. Dane needed a different thing from her and he's the responsible for the BDSM parts, but he's still very gentle with her during their time on the island.