Bind Me - Stacey Kennedy

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The book start at Marley 25th birthday and she’s happy with her life but a bit bored. After some drinks are poured Marley and her three best friends decide to make a pact and fulfill their darkest fantasies. They share with the others and will help each other, Marley was lucky and she is the first.

Marley is a teacher and wants for one to be controlled as in a light BDSM adventure. That’s how we came to met Master Reed. He is a Dom in the Castle Dolce Vita club, a very exclusive environment to help people with BDSM life. Master Reed was looking for a new sub and came across Marley on the club forum website.

I liked how these two fit perfectly. She wanted a taste of this life and he’s an expert on light BDSM, but I felt so sad for him. After his girlfriend and sub broke their relationship two years ago, he never found a women that could touch his heart and fantasies. Marley does that and even more. Master Reed is a bastard for a short time but he come to his senses really fast and the end was sweet and sexy.

This was a novella that really entertained me. As a BDSM fan I could understand the plot and loved the characters personality. Now I can’t wait for the rest of the series to be released.