Playing the Part - Robin Covington
I loved this romance and it was so hot, more than I expected from a Entangled book. I was really fascinated with Robin way of writing and fell in love with Mick and Piper.

Piper is just the girl next door and I loved how wild she became with Mick. She fell in love with the bad boy and discovered a nice guy. Mick is such a nice guy, but in Hollywood life is really different and now we can see he was betrayed more than once.

This was more than just a romance and I liked how people can really relate to Piper, she’s just a sweetheart and had her heart broken once by another actor, but the sparks were so big that she couldn’t let it go.

So they had more than just one night stand and the relationship evolved, but Piper didn’t wanted something more and I liked how Mick started the changes. But not everything was perfect and the paparazzi were not so great.

But I really enjoyed these two together and how much Mick fought for his love.