Operation Cinderella - Hope Tarr
This was pure and simple a Cinderella story on the new century. Macie is very successful and decides to pretend to be the perfect housekeeper to discover all the dirty stories about the past of the infamous Ross Mannon.

I liked Ross and his views for life and family. He had a hard time with his own and he knows the world is not perfect, but he’s trying really hard to understand his teenage daughter better. He’s fun, smart and a really good looking guy, so I could see this Cinderella having real problems an unwanted attraction.

I also loved the shoe story. The reason why she received and her friends are really fun, plus I liked the romance in this book. It’s a very real story. She liked and Ross was single for a long time. It made things easier because she was living with him. But I actually found some funny parts and this book was a very good romance.