A SEAL's Seduction - Tawny Weber
It was really interesting to see a different side of the military life. Blake has reasons for joining the Navy and becoming a SEAL was only possible because he's so good at following the rules and accepting the life as a mission, with a purpose.

But when one of his best friends died during a mission we got to see how much the danger and these gigs were really affecting him, and his superior officer also saw that and demanded R&R.

During his time of we got to see him trying to go on, and one of the things that really helped was Alexia and her attitude. Her spicy nature was really intriguing for him, plus she's got a great body and he's a guy with a lot of extra time.

These two really enjoyed their time off, but the best part was the fact she had no idea he was a SEAL and she has issues with military man and how much of their life is only dedicated to their job leaving family and loved ones behind.

So they didn't had a great talk after Alexia discovered Blake is actually working for her father, but after a couple of months we see him suffer thinking on her and also how things are complicated for Alexia, she was kidnapped and of course her father pulled a few strings and Blake is the responsible for getting her back alive.

I liked this book, but it wasn’t a great romance story, more like the action and discovery made it interesting.