Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep
There’s a great part of me that just loves this series and I don’t know if it’s because of Gwen or the mythology, but each new book brings a new world full of mysteries to be solved and of course a battle to save the world.

I’m always expecting Gwen to save everyone and try for once to have a normal day without all this crazy attacks for the reapers. Some people might think it’s selfish of her to just want a normal outing with her new boo, but she’s just a teenager fighting the evil and trying to survive another day.

This book was different than the others, but mostly because now Loki is free and Gwen must discover what to do and actually kill him, not the simplest fact of them all. But I loved this book just as much as the others and there’s not a bad thing I could tell about it.

I don’t want to spoiler everyone, but Gwen is fighting with people’s thought and frustrated trying to discover Loki’s steps to control the world again. Not much!

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