Strong, Silent Type - Lorelei James

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I’m disappointed because this couple was only maintained passing in a couple of books and now they only get a novella to solve their problems. This was not enough for me and I want more form Quinn and Libby.

She’s sweet and a great housewife, but is unhappy with her marriage and feels like a failure because she can’t get pregnant, so the relationship is hanging by a breath. I liked Quinn but he needed to be more upfront with his feelings and desires. The marriage is really boring at the moment.

I liked how Libby handled things because the present was not a good moment for these tow and they needed a good push in the right direction. Quinn living in a trailer helped him put perspective in things of his life and appreciate Libby better.

Libby was a bit obsessed with having a baby and was suffocating Quinn, but talking was not the greatest thing between these two and the fresh start helped them find reasoning within their problems.