Romeo, Romeo - Robin Kaye

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This was a different book and it caught me real good. I was reading two other books at the time and couldn’t let this one down and didn’t even run to the internet while reading. It was like everything else could wait, but I needed my fix from Lee and Nick.

Nick is perfect guy, like a prince and he likes to clean and cook. There’s not a single man that can be accounted liking both these. But Nick has some faults that totally made him human. He lied, but he had reasons, so in the end he was still pretty high on the God-like list.

Rosalie has a little bit of problem with relationships and that’s only because her parents sucked at their marriage and fought all the time. So she decided to just enjoy life and work around her mother when marriage came to talk.

The thing is Nick met Rosalie one night and she was having a bad day so was he, but the chemistry was really strong and he asked her out. He didn’t told her a lot of things, but he was only protecting himself and tried to save the trouble.

I loved Nick and the hole world about this series showing great guys that can actually clean is so different and practically a dream, but I’m enjoying that and the first book was pretty much perfect. The romance and the sex were well written.

Robin Kaye is now on my favorite authors list because she made me believe in perfect guys once again, but they still have faults.