The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz
OMG you have no idea how much I missed Nora and her dirty mouth. The thing is I read the first three full novels in a roll and even hunted the novellas afterwards, so I had nothing but waiting until this final book release date. And The Prince ended in a cliffhanger so my mind was going crazy with all those ideas and turns this book could deliver. But the reality was even better.

You can ask me why, but the answer would be way to big, so without spoilers my review is only about the awesomess of this installment. We have Nora remembering some of her hot nights and even better, we can finally understand the real relationship between Soren and Kingsley. Think that’s enough? Remember Wesley? So he got some happiness too. I’m not saying how or with who, but I got the idea of his future really fast.

The best addition to this series was Grace Easton. We’ve only heard about her, but this time se actually shows and I liked her attitude and impulsiveness. Plus she’s a really smart woman and she helped a lot after Nora was kidnapped. I was so happy seeing all those favorite characters again and this book brought some closure to a few points. So now we only have to wait for the new series.