Suddenly Beautiful (Entangled Covet) - Boone Brux
I do love a mythology book so this one was perfect and I discovered Entangled makes one of the best romances. This one was not different and I fell in love with Nikki and Tor romance. They are so different in the first chapters but after a super hot night together we can see Nikki is really a demi-goddess and she showed her powers right and left.

I loved getting to know Nikki during this book, she’s sweet and very normal girl, but we can see that her life is more than just beauty contests, plus she’s in love with her boss Tor. After a reunion we can see Tor is really drunk or high, but the point is he spent a really hot night Nikki and never remembered a thing afterwards, so Nikki became a bit angry and being the daughter of Ares things progressed really fast to disaster.

I loved seeing Nikki discovering this different side of her life and meeting the Gods, Ares was so much more than I expected and Aphrodite is super nice. She just wants a normal life, but Nikki discovered things are more than normal and Tor became a nice thing to add to the madness.

I loved this plot and wish this could became a series, I liked the Gods personalities and it would be nice seeing the other Gods too.