Zane - Brenda Jackson
I started this series a few years ago, but never managed to read them all. I had no idea the Westmorelands had released 24 already, but that’s beside the point because you can read them as stand alone. The other couples are mentioned, but nothing to serious about and the main focus is always the couple leading the book.

This book is about Zane Westmoreland and he’s super hot with cowboy boots and a hat, but there’s more to him than just that. He loves his family and until a few moments before only his family, but now Channing is back and he discovered that she’s perfect for him.

The thing is Channing is so over waiting for Zane that she decided to move on. So now Zane is crawling after her and trying to make her understand that he’s in love with her. Channing wasted a long time suffering because she loves him and wants more than just a fling, but Zane has a string of woman and now is really difficult for her to just accept he changed.

I really liked Zane crawling because he showed a fun and sweet side of a cowboy, plus they went in a few dates so things went back to normal couple dating. These two are super cute together.