A Brother's Honor - Brenda Jackson
So another new series and I really liked this family, each brother has their personal secrets and for the first book we had Jace falling in love. But this romance is much more than just a love story, because the brothers are finally back home after their grandfather died and now they have a company to save.

Many secrets in this book, first we have to discover why the company is heading downhill and Jace hired a firm to investigate and try to save it. Shana is the president of this hired firm and we can see from the first day that these two have sparks flying everywhere.

What I liked the most was how much family is important, because we can see during the story what Jace brother’s are doing and even Shana family at times too. I get the feeling these two families will met again in another romance story really soon.

Plus there’s another very important story behind this series, because their father is currently arrested for a murder, and he is innocent, the boys are meant to prove the real killer and save their dad, but things are more difficult than they knew.