The Cowboy's Triplets - Tina Leonard
I liked a few books from this series, but read them out of order, so this is actually the first one and was released a few years ago. So this is more of an introduction to the characters and the city. I do love a good Harlequin book with babies and pregnancy.

So Pete is the oldest and had no idea about the secrets his Aunt Fiona was keeping and to after discovering all his life could be changed, made him think and decide to act. So he went after the woman he loved for years and now she’s pregnant with his triplets. The only problem is the fact she doesn’t want a wedding out of pity.

I really liked this book and it was nice seeing Pete doing all the work, because Jackie is in bed rest for the triple pregnancy, plus he wanted her to understand about their relationship and the more they can have. I liked Jackie and agree with her, because he never wanted a full relationship, only date nights with sex and out of the blue is wedding. Not cool, but he made good on the promise and the kids are so cute.