Already Freakn' Mated - Eve Langlais
This book was a little different than I hoped from the title. When I first read the feeling it was one woman and two males, but after I started it was clear that this was a normal relationship between two shifters and I was a bit disappointed, because I loved the drama a poliamorous brought on the previous books.

Chris is Naomi brother and we can see that every brother is finding their happily ever after, but this time things were a bit more disturbing because at first Chris thought he had fallen for a married woman, but only after pursuing her he actually learned the true and things are way more complicated than just a wedding because Sheng is actually running from a maniac human that kidnaped her family and wants to sell her.

This was actually a darker story than the previous and I liked the suspense and action, but the relationship was like a second and very little part of this book. I was hoping for me romance, but the heating thing was more fast than that.

And we actually have two couples mating in this book, because the married couple found their pairs in this strange family, so Chris cousin also found her mate. It was nice that both found happiness, but the leading couple lost a bit of shining moments.