A Royal Without Rules - Caitlin Crews
I feel a little conflicted about this book, mostly by the way people treated Adriana. Even Pato used her and got away to easy for the fact afterwards. She’s such a sweet girl and everyone judged her by some legends from the past.

We can clearly see she’s trying to break free from all the drama surrounding her family and the way people think of them as dangerous. She never did anything wrong and was always found guilt, but the way her father treated her was the worst for me.

I liked this couple together and even understand Pato reasons for using her, but it was way to low and they should at least have consulted her before.

Pato was the bachelor and was way to happy to pretend and show the world this side of him, but Adriana discovered things were deeper than that and she made him be so good. For their relationship and the changes this book earned the 4th star.