One Night Heir - Lucy Monroe
I really liked this book, because we can see a prince marriage with a baby on the way and a very strong female. I liked the fact Gillian didn’t just bow down after Maksim started making orders. He really needed to stop and think a little before taking the next step. We can clearly see he had feelings for her, but after the way they broke up it was difficult to just get back without a serious conversation and dealing with some issues.

The most conserning probme was the fact she couldn’t have a child, after some seriuous inflamation to her apendicy. I actually liked the fact she’s not perfect, because all those princes want perfect woman and we can see Maksin really loves her. After discovering she was pregnant, Mak was all in for a wedding, but he was not disapointed I think he only jumped on the news and decided to get the best of it.

I really liked the way he was after hearing on the baby news, he wanted the mother and it was fun watching him work on getting her back. Gillian was a great person and she’s really good. So this book was a nice romance.