This Is Who I Am - Cherise Sinclair
Master Sam was never my favorite but after the last book finished and we saw how good Linda made him feel, he caught a place in my heart, he was always more on the sidelines and I was never a big fan of sadists. But these two are so good together and we actually see there’s some future for them.

We met Linda while she was in captive, one of the girls supposed to be sold as slaves and after hearing how much she was helping the other girls, I got the feeling she was a very strong woman, but only reading this book I could actually understand how much she suffered in those places and she was never really into BDSM.

Her first night and she was kidnapped, so it kinda got in mind that this was not her place, but Sam didn’t gave up and she came so hard with some pain that we could see with no doubt that her life was incomplete before meeting Sam.

But there’s other problems and Linda is not completely save, so Sam decided to help her and we got some insight about this dark and quiet man. I was never really his biggest fan, but this book was insightful and I liked knowing more about his past and seeing the changes Linda brought into his life.