One to Keep - Sophie Oak
This book was a little different but expected because we can see how much Jennifer and Stefan are meant to be and this book was all about them finding hapiness and discovering a way to be together.

I couldn’t see the reason for them to be apart taking in consideration they have the same passions, both love art and Jennifer was willing to try BDSM, because it’s hot and Stefan needs this, so what was their problem? It’s all about Stefan, he was afraid because of their age difference.

The thing is Stefan mother left him and never returned, he doesn’t miss her now, but her reasons are fairly simple and haunt him thill today. She was young and had a kid, but wanted another life, I don’t think she’s right, because it was completely unffair to Stefan, but his afriand Jennifer will woke up one day and decided to leave him too.

I think their love was really intense, but so beautiful. Stefan discovered Jennifer was in trouble and went to the rescue so fast, that we could start to hope for them. Plus this book also showed another couple.Stefan father was once in love and now he decided to fight for his love again. I liked this book, but the BDSM part was fairly simple.