King Cobra - Jayne Rylon
I loved meeting the crew in her Powertools series and was dying for a story about Eli and Alanso, because they shared a super hot moment in Hammer it Home, so this book was perfect in some moments for this, but I was hoping for another crew and it didn’t happen yet.

This was more focused on Eli and Alanso working their fears and discovering a different relationship. It’s pretty clear Eli is afraid off what people will think, but mostly his father. Alanso is tired of hiding and wants a normal life with someone that truly loves him.

So the Eli and Alanso moments were super hot!! But something was missing in this book because we can clearly see they want Sally to be a part of their love and I missed this. I know this is book two story, but there’s thought in my mind about her with them and the rest of the gang was a bit like ghosts.

I wanted something like the crew, but the relationship was over the top super hot.