Imitation in Death (In Death, #17) - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
Another great investigation and more drama in the Roarke manor. This book was different than the rest because Eve knew the killer from the beginning on a feeling after the first interview, but of course politics were in the way and she had to follow the law by the book and tried really hard to pin the murders on this very important killer.

Since he was like a copycat, Eve already had an idea about the victims and the murder weapon in the cases, but it was still very difficult for her to watch more innocent people get killed by a lunatic. I liked how the investigation led to different states, it’s always funny seeing Eve and Roarke traveling in style and she loves to fight him about it.

Also another difficult thing was the fact Roarke was pretty positive Eve was supposed to be another victim by this killer and was very nervous about her life, but that didn’t really change her way, because as she always answer, it’s just her duty.

Anyway another great book and I can’t get enough with this couple. So cute together.