Seduction in Death (In Death, #13) - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
I loved this book and it felt like I was reading one episode of Law and Order SVU with all those deaths and rapes, but the best part was how much this made Roarke and Eve a better couple. between searching for the killer and working with Roarke, Eve had a very difficult time in this book, but I keep feeling this one was better than the previous.

This series is becoming one of my favorite of time, mostly because I got really attached with Eve and Roarke and how much these two have a different relationship, but always make it work. I do live a mystery and Eve is great in getting inside the killer mind, it’s strange and so awesome.

This was another one of those strange cases that left Eve needing Roarke’s help, but these moments made the book more light, like alleviating all the darkness and those deaths. I really liked this number.