With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent
I’ve had this book since the release and was a little worried about the ending. I always fear ending a series, because I never think it will be good enough or that I can accept the book and move on with the characters. I just love Kaylee and Tod, but was a bit worried about their forever.

I loved this series and only discovered last year, but already feels like they are part of me, so saying goodbye was really difficult for me, but I actually liked this last book, as always Kaylee was very smart and playing the hellions so that in the end the means could be justified.

Can I just say how sorry I am for all the heartbreak Tod has been thought during this series, and this book was the worst of all for him, but I liked seeing him fighting for his love and never giving up. In the end I was happy for everyone and actually liked how everything turned up, but Kaylee suffered alone almost the entire series and I wanted for her to have a normal day for once.