Purity in Death (In Death, #15) - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
I guess everyone knows how much I fell in love with this series. It’s so much fun following the next case and discovering more about Eve and Roarke wedding. But this book caught me real bad and left me reading way into the night.

It’s really interesting how much I have listening to an audiobook and talking back, like no you didn’t and Eve never disappoints, but the best part was the drama and how much these guys look like a family. Eve never had a real family, but she discovered a really eclectic one with people that love her and would do anything to stop a crime.

I liked the investigation and following McNabb while he fought his demons was so emotional. Plus we got to see a few people from older crimes and a few of them were a very important part of this. I really liked Roarke teaching the kid and he showed some great potential for fatherhood. Can’t wait for them to have a kid!