His Callahan Bride's Baby - Tina Leonard
I had a hard time to get into this story, but this series is a good one. I love when a romance has a baby in the middle. Its fun to watch a couple try to handle the affair for the good of the baby and of course the also discover they usually have more in common than just a kid.

I’ve read a book from this series before, but I had no idea the author had already released other three or four after the one I read. Wow, so many books, but now I’ll dive into them all. Because this series is also about cowboys and they are the best ones to fall in love.

This book was about Taylor and Falcon trying a relationship because he jumped the bullet and asked her to marry him without even a date. He liked her and thought this was a good reason for a marriage, but she followed a friend advice and decided to date a few very successful guys just to be sure of the right thing to do, but in the middle of all the dating they had a night together and a baby was created.

But things were not over yet and she was kidnapped by his uncle, there’s a trouble with some stories about his parents and Taylor was attacked before Falcon could do a thing, but months went by and he decided to handle things on his own and the rescue was a bit too easy for my taste but I liked how things finally managed to find a HEA.

This was not my favorite story, but I liked the relationship, I just didn’t like the kidnapping and the time, plus the waiting was way off for me. I liked Falcon and that part was really good.