The Elite - Kiera Cass
I was so anxious for this book that I devoured a novella and was left unhappy about the waiting for the next one. Sometimes the worst part is wait for the next volume.

I devoured this book, but was left really sad, because for once I have no idea who America will chose, I an only hope it’s Maxon because he is my favorite and he showed a good side on this story, plus he’s trying to change some rules. We also got to see some very disturbing scenes of the monarchy and a few questions were answered about the rebels.

I kept waiting for something bad to happen and when it did was so big that I was really afraid for America, but things are more disturbing than ever and I’m afraid that the final book will have some bad things happening. America was really out of league with her latest stunt, but I liked how she fought until the end, and I get the feeling she really likes Maxon. So yay and I can’t wait for more.