His Southern Temptation (The Boys are Back in Town, #2) - Robin Covington
This is actually the second book in the series, but I found it okay to read without reading the first one. The story is not really related, but the boys are present in this story, plus we see a bit of the couple from the first book and it’s explained a bit about their relationship, nothing to extensive.

Lucky is actually a really nice guy and I liked the way he decided to change his life and enjoy more the country life after fighting in war and being a marine, but is definitely a change that he welcomed. His family is having some problems with money and he can help, so it’s nothing surreal for him to return home, but the best parrt is meeting Taylor again. He’s kinda in love with her for awhile, but their realtionship never worked and they are better as friends with benefits since Lucky is best friends with her brother.

I liked Taylor and completely understood her reasons for fighting and breaking chains. Her family is a bit too much and she just wanted freedom and being herself. But she’s so good with Lucky, plus she’s had a crush on him since forever.

I liked these two as a couple and she's very adventurous so that makes her perfect for Lucky. Really nice book and I’ll read the first one very soon.