Para Sempre Sua  - Sylvia Day, Alexandre Boide
Gideon is back and did I missed him so much, but this time things look less complicated and more difficult for he relationship. Eva is such a great girl and of course she accepted Gideon back just because he asked her. Such a great moment when these two lovebirds find each other again.

After everything that happened with Nathan and all those days they spend apart, it was really awesome seeing them together and trying to find a way after all those years apart it was really difficult. I liked seeing Eva also breaking a few bonds with her mother and trying to live with her own money.

Gideon has some romantic moments in this book that are so beautiful. Can I say that I want those days in the island? I’m trying really hard not to say some spoilers, but the book also has a investigation. I thought this one was more centered in their feelings and trying to find a new life together, and I really liked those moments, especially the sexy parts because Gideon has some serious stamina!!

Now I can’t wait for some news on the next books and discover what Gideon has to face now.