Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren
A few years ago the only things I read were fanfics and this was after the twilight explosion. A friend of mine introduced me to fanfics and I read them all day, sometimes thinking the end was better than the original, other times it was pure genius the person who could imagine those plots.

Most of them, were really good and remember reading the office along with everyone soon to it’s release, but the book actually took me awhile to dive into, because I was thinking the story would be too different than the original and that I still have Edward as my perfect guy to fit this plot.

I read a few reviews and the most common point for people to “hate” the book, was how we just jumped in the middle of action, but I’m just fine with that despise the characters showing different names I still think of them as Bella and Edward.

I liked Chloe, she’s kick-ass and very responsible, but a few times she just accepted her body and decided to enjoy the moment, Bennett is a jackass, but has a nice body, and for that, the girl could enjoy a few minutes of heaven without no problems from me.

But I think the actual relationship needed more conversations, mutual ground and more normality I think, because it felt like the book ended the same way it started. If the purpose was that it could had been a little shorter.