The Academy: Game On - Monica Seles, James LaRosa
I love tennis and the first time I read the summary for this book and discovered this school was all about sports and succeeding in life I just had to read it. So I was so anxious to read that it jumped in the front of a few others and I don’t regret it.

There’s not a lot about tennis or any other sports in the story, for me is more about intrigue and backstabbing than anything. I felt like this was more like Gossip Girl, but so good. I liked Maya and Cleo and this two are the most amazing characters. Maya is motivated to be the best and of course be friends with her idol Nicole was a dream come true. But Cleo is more down to Earth and just needs to be best to help her family. They are both from scholarship and showed two very different sides of how much career means when confronted with everything else.

On the very other side we have two brothers and the romance is a very important side of this high school, sometimes I felt like this people didn't trained enough with the amount of time they spent dating and partying, but this book was actually really good. And I’m hopefully waiting this series continues.