Murder on Olympus - Robert B. Warren
I’m having a great time reading mysteries lately and when this tour popped in my email definitely caught my attention, because it has the two things I love: investigation and Greek Gods. There’s something very exciting for me about a mythology book. It’s really fun to see how an author will use all those great Gods and change things so that a history can be created.

This book was no different and I really liked Plato. He has attitude and follow his own rules. He had a bad time working with the Gods and decided to open his own Investigation Practice, but things are not so great and the money is short, still he doesn’t accept the offer from the Gods to start a gig for them.

I liked this story because all those different cases were actually connected and Plato is really good in following the links and discovering new things about those Gods. He’s kinda fearless and never backs down, but he uncovers a few secrets and makes a couple of enemies along the way, but the investigation is actually fun to follow and Plato was a great mind.

This is a good first book and I’ll definitely follow this series.