Vengeance in Death  - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
This book was different from the others because Eve was in the center of the action since the killer was after revenge and the final target was Roarke and something he did years ago in Dublin came back to haunt him.

I liked this book, because it showed how deep Eve relationship became and how much she loves Roarke, also Summerset showed a different side of him and we could understand a little better why he doesn't like Eve.

So far I think this was one of the darkest books in the series, because danger was close to Eve and she had to believe in her friends and trust people with her secrets, while bending the law a little bit.

I think the final was a bit abrupt and after Eve discovered the killer and started to actually hunt him, we can see in less than one chapter what he does to her and we are also left wondering about Eve's condition.

Not my favorite book, but still a great mystery.