Delicious - Susan Mallery
Cal is seriously screwed up and it’s all Gloria’s fault. At the begin of the book it was interesting to understand that these tow separated but still are friends, so working together can be strange but not impossible. Cal thinks it’s better for them to be friends than anything else, because everything he touch became destructive.

I don’t blame him, for his mistakes in life, but I do blame him by the way he treated Penny during their marriage and how he never even came clean about his secrets and the reasons why he kept her from the family business.

Penny is very strong and a really great girl, she decided to have a child and after what happened with her marriage, she just jumped on the in vitro fertilization to save time and keep her child to herself. She’s very capable in the kitchen as the executive chef, but there’s only one thing missing in her life and it’s closure about her marriage going wrong. They were good together but things started happening and she never figured out why he withdraw from her.

I liked how they managed to overcame the mistakes of the past, but I still think Cal could be a little proactive and start sharing the secrets before his crazy grandma start hurting people, because the woman has a problem with control and loves to see the others suffering.

It was really nice meeting this family and now we get to see even more secrets.