Having Her Boss's Baby - Susan Mallery
I loved Noelle, she’s a simple girl with a great family that chose a difficult path and told Dev her feelings several times. Dev was left for almost everyone in his life, so he doesn’t want to love anyone, you can figure it out how much difficult it was for him to realize that Noelle was in love and had no problem telling him so.

I liked Dev most of the book and even understand his reasons to separate himself from everybody, his life was not easy and several times people left him, including his father. He had to raise his brother and things were a little complicated because he was not a great kid and was always rebelling. One of the wrong things his brother did before he died was promises marriage to a girl just to have sex. That girl was Noelle.

She’s not naïve or anything. Just young and she wasn’t’ in love, but the opportunity arrived and she decides to enjoy the night. It wasn’t’ that good, but she discovered a pregnancy a couple of weeks later after her boyfriend died.

I liked this couple and Dev needed someone like Noelle in his life. Someone he can trust and who’s going to him no matter what. I also liked the way these two feel in love, it was really sweet.