Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
I have this book on my TBR pile for a long time and after hearing so much good thing about it was time to give this series a change and start with Sophie and her adventures in this school for gifted children.

I loved two things about this first book on the series: 1 - Sophie knows nothing about how to control her powers and she still tries to help people all around her; 2 - Her roommate and best friend is a vampire with a love for everything pink.

But the best of this book was the adventure and Sophie trying to understand her powers and everything that was happening at Hex Hall. It’s really interesting when she discover her father is the head of the council and a very important wizard responsible to send everyone to Hex Hall.

I found it weird the appearance of a ghost to her, but everything it’s strange in this school, but this strange even for this school. I liked Sophie ad the way she was always looking for the true. She’s a very determined girl and it made things more fun. Her mother kept many secret and I thought some of them were really important to share, but it made things more mysterious in the hunt.