The Sheik & The Bride Who Said No (Desert Rogues, #9) - Susan Mallery
Not my favorite book in this series. Murat needed a serious neck smack. He kidnapped, keep stranded and even married a woman with an head injury. He seriously has issues with being the crown prince and having everything on his way.

I liked Daphne and completely understand her reasons to leave on the first place. Okay, she loved him, but also tried to move on. She had a normal life with a very dysfunctional family bugging her about choices, still she always made everything right, until her niece accepted a wedding with Murat and Daphne had to return and show him things would be different this time.

I liked when Murat finally realized he needed Daphne in his life and how much she actually meant for him. But he deserved to suffer a lot more.