The Sheik and the Christmas Bride (Desert Rogues, #11) - Susan Mallery
As’ad was a nice surprise and I wasn’t expecting a change in kingdom. Never heard about El Deharia before, but it was nice meeting a new place and seeing a different family. But the story continues the same and a King wants his sons married and with babies on the way.

The interesting part about As’ad was the fact he never once lived as a bachelor, but still had trouble accepting the idea of a marriage. All these princes know about the future and how they need to think about the country and marry, but they sure put a lot of fight.

Kayleen was such a nice girl, with a very bad past. It was really interesting seeing her with the girls and how protective she became. She’s like a little lioness, fighting for the little ones. I liked how strong her relationship became with the girls and we could see them trusting and crying with her.

It was really different seeing him so nice with the girls when you realize he was raised among boys. But As’ad showed a nice side and I really liked him, her listened his aunt and even tried to make Kayleen special.

Best part was Hassan being back and finding love again. He totally deserve after putting his family on the right way.