Too Hot to Handle - Robin Kaye

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The first story in this series was a very pleasant surprise and I jumped really fast on book two. Since most of the characters are already know and we kinda can’t wait to see how they fell in love.

The first book is about Rosalie and we met her sister Annabelle there. I have to say that she sounded like a bitch from her appearance and I wanted someone better in this book, but some things happened in her past that made her that way and it took some time for her to overcome the sadness and really enjoy life again.

Nick introduced us he’s friend Mike when lee caught pneumonia and needed a doctor. First of all he sounded way more happy on the first book and after realizing that he’s life is not perfect as it sounded kinda enjoyed more he’s responsible fair, because he was way to perfect to be true.

So these two met on the wedding and it was attraction at first sight. Annabelle was sad and he looked like someone else to her, but after getting drunk the night was really all about sex for them. But Mike wanted more, a relationship while Annabelle just wanted to enjoy good sex for the first time in her life.

Annabelle is kinda like her sister and not very domestic, but Mike also learned a thing or two with Vinnie, plus he’s a bit of crazy with cleaning parts, so they ended up like a copy of the same story on the first book and that’s the only part I didn’t like it.

But Annabelle had secrets and I enjoyed how she finally let herself open up and how she and Mike handled their problems. Mike discovered more about his family, but things ended up really good. In the end the book earned the forth star.