Irresistible Forces - Brenda Jackson
I’ve read some of the Westmoreland books last year and enjoyed Brenda Jackson way of writing. So once I saw this book as a freebie from Amazon decided that it was worth a shot even thought I haven’t read anything from this family.

I loved the story and Taylor is very strong and knows exactly what she wants, and that’s how she asked Dominic for a child. She wanted one week of sex with no relationship between them besides the baby they wanted.

Dominic was a very good character and after being married I was ok with his way of thinking and actually liked how he made his business and acted the reality. His now a widow but wanted to have a kid, an heir for his family business. Nothing bad about that and Taylor proposition was actually really good.

But the chemistry was way hotter than both could ever imagine and one week was not enough so when the week was over and they continued to share phone calls and even sex sometimes Dominic started to realize that some feelings he wasn’t expecting were growing.

I liked the fact that some characters from other books in this series stopped by and the finale was extra special.