The Virgin and the Playboy - Kate Richards
My Thoughts:

A very well written short story. I usually don’t like when there’s only few pages on a book but this one was a bit addictive and I was actually looking forward to the end and to find out if they were going to be together. Crazy right?

This was a good surprise. Julie wanted to have what every other girl does, a normal sexual life the only problem for her is her virginity. So she hires a company specialized in dates as the said 1 Night

Mark is a normal guy who dates a lot, and his married friends consider him a womanizer, and truth is he’s kinda happy with his life and his friends dare him to join the same company Julie did.

They never met and only dated with one propose in mind (sex), so these two actually met in a hotel in Las Vegas (perfect place!!) and is kinda awkward in the very begging since they don’t know how to proceed but once one kiss is shared is like everything is set in motion and they have chemistry together.

The sex scene was very good and I liked how sweet Mark was about her virginity, another plus. In the end I was hoping the story could go on, since it was very good.