Into The Shadow - Christina Dodd
My Thoughts:
This is Adrik book and we don’t have much information about him, because he escaped from home with only 18 and everyone though he was dead but in reality he was in the Himalayan Mountains leading a mercenaries group, much like Robin Wood.

And that’s how he met Karen, when she was send to the mountains to help on the construction of a new hotel, but every night she got the visit from this strange man and they had amazing sex, one day when an avalanche happened Adrik saved Karen and kidnapped her to his tends.

But the Varinskis discovered about him and now Karen has to fight for her life and escape with Adrik.

I loved Adrik, he’s hunted by a death that occurred when he’s no more than a child and Karen actually helps him, is really to see how he reconnect with his past and also helps find the icon. Karen is strong and they match from the first moment. I think Adrik has the best women from the whole brothers.