Mistletoe Wishes: The Billionaire's Christmas GiftOne Christmas Night in VeniceSnowbound with the Millionaire - Carole Mortimer, Jane Porter, Catherine George
The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift by Carole Mortimer

Beth has problems with her relationships since an accident took away her husband and both her parents and now three years later she’s dealing with intense fellings toward Nick, a parent off one little student of her. Nick is a widower just like Beth the only diference is that he never get to know what means to love someone. So when he discovers stranges thoughts and fellings is a bit harder for him to understand what he feels really means.

I though the story was a little too fast but since this is a Christmas anthology I can accept that and knowing they had their happy ending makes everything even better. Loved Bekka she’s been through a lot and is still a sweet girl with a loving heart, and the adoptive animals was very fun.

One Christmas night in Venice

The book started very sad, bought of them suffered for years thinking the other was death. While Diane was left alone in New York, Domenico had the help of his family. They were in a car accident and their injuries were deatly. Domenico was very rich Italian Count and his family had problems accepting his marriage with a poor American, but they fought and started a family together. I loved the story and how the decided to give another chance for their relationship and accepted better this one because they had a past together so it was easy for me to understand their need to be together after three days.

Snowbound with the millionaire

Third and final book, and so far my favorite, is a quick love story. Georgia is having a not so great year and she decided to spend Christmas all alone in a cabin her parents rented a while back, but there’s also a snow avalanche and the sexy neighbor came to her rescue.

The book has a good pace and things are set during 4 days, and since both are in love with each other, they just need to find some way to really get along and discover their feelings. I liked this one and fealt really angry sometimes with a character but that’s the fun part.