Falke's Captive - Madison Layle,  Anna Leigh Keaton
First I haven't read the first one in this series, but discover after reading this one, that the order won't matter, the book is really good, I didn't like some parts, but that just me.

Beth arrives in little town to discover places for her field research and colect dados, but in the first night she discover two very sexy brothers and her fantasy about a treesome start to cloud her mind. But what she doesn't know is that the brothers are more that she could ever sign for.

I loved Kelan's intern fight, because for me he was the only real character, love didn't just appear in front of him, he needed to strugle and find what he felling against he's usual normal.

Reidar is the sweet, but he moved to fast for me, and the talking about mating and children was way to early for everyone involved.

I did liked the book, but things would be better accepted, a list by me, if it took at least one month to develop everything, from the first contact to them being together, but the book moved way to fast. The sex in the bathroom was really hot and the brothers are great in bed and talking about fellings and family, so I would recommend to anyone who likes a bit off BDSM, not much strong, but to be expected from a alpha male.