Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1) - Gina Gordon
This is a new series and I actually loved Jack. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been reading lots of books related to kitchen and romances. How knew this was such a great topic for a quick connection to sex.

I liked Sterling, but she could had a normal life for a long time and kept helping her parents even after years of them showing how bad they were and that they never wanted to change in the first place. The interesting part was how she loved her sisters. She could live with them and everything would be better already.

But since nothing is perfect in this books, Sterling needed one night stand to just forget life and problems for awhile and her friend helped by granting access to a party with lots of fancy guys, the only problem was the setting. Sterling had no idea she would be so nauseous in a huge boat.

So Jack met Sterling while she was sick and actually liked her enough to continue thinking about her after a couple of months of solitude. It was really interesting seeing his reasons and how much in hurt him to be considered that selfish, but Sterling was great to him and really helped him move on after his mother died.

I liked these two together and they helped each other to grow as a person during the month they spent together, we can see Sterling more strong and Jack showing a soft side.