To Catch a Princess - Caridad Piñeiro
I had no idea this was actually the second book in a series and discovered only after already halfway in, but it can be read as a stand alone with no problem because the story is more a romance than a investigation. We have a few glimpses of the first book and the couple is living happily ever after.

But the story is actually about Princess Tatiana discovering a few secrets and falling in love. When I first discovered her parents had already arranged a marriage, it was actually quite disturbing, but the guy is a prince and not half bad, the only problem is she never saw him and can’t shake the feeling this is completely wrong. She wants to fall in love and live a normal life without the splendor and paparazzi in every corner.

Peter is really nice and he had a rough life, but chose a completely different place to live and now he’s a cop. Strange right, but his father is still meddling and now he has to marry a princess, not the most difficult thing for him, because he likes her already and she is his best friend sister. But the story is story is more than just a romance and Peter is also investigating a series of robberies, and Tatiana could be a victim in the very near future.

So Peter is now her bodyguard and it’s trying to keep everything save while they discover this new relationship. I liked the romance and Peter, but Tatiana for me was just okay.