Mustang Sally (Hot Rods) - Jayne Rylon
I liked this book because it gave the ending for the previous one and a new beginning for the Hot Rods, but I still think it would be better if the story was in one book and it was strange seeing the trio start this book apart, but I liked the hot scenes with the Powertools again, they are so hot together and that is exactly what I’ve been missing for this series.

Finally Sally got the men she was dreaming about, but they totally screwed up in the first chapters. They wanted her to be a part of their life, but it was strange how they decided to enjoy and handle their relationship first without her and she felt left behind, especially when they didn’t shared with her their reasons and fears.

But I think every one needed a little breather and some time to get their head back and their thoughts together, because after Sally returned things went full force and this series is getting hotter than ever. Sally is a wild girl and pleasured seven guys in one night. I have no idea how she managed to sit after that, but this was a better book than the first for me.