Georgetown Academy: Book Four - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting
I jumped at the chance to read this fourth book, mostly because I missed Brinley, but this last installment was so much more than just gossip, we can clearly see the girls are growing up and facing a few dangerous path, but they always chose the right thing and this last book left me hoping for more in this series.

Brinley was a busy girl and she had to handle two things: her new boo is just a townie and don’t have money, but make her happy and her heart race, so the moments together are so worthy; and last issue is more demanding because now she has to help Taryn, if you're following this series is pretty clear these two don’t get along like never.

Evan has a great new guy and handle him and all those things connected with fame are a bit too much for her, but I think she could had done a little better when we think about her friendship and all those years she spent in GA. She should now things would change.

Taryn and Ellie are actually facing the same problem. Their parents are running to be the next vice-president. so they have to handle media and gossip, but worst off all are those boyfriends. Guys problem are always the most difficult and we can clearly see these two fighting to help their parents and still trying to maintain a normality.

I really liked this book, except for Evan, but I was never really her fan. Brinley was awesome and Ellie is finally learning how to handle things.