Reunion in Death - J D Robb
So revenge is usually a good theme to start a book and taking in consideration for how long Eve is working with the NYPSD is fairly simple some bastard would try to get a piece of the best detective, but now she kinda have a little something to lose, or better yet a big something named Roarke that doesn't like to be followed and makes things more difficult.

So this book is all about revenge and how much the system has flaws. Eve did her best to put Julie behind bars and the system let her out and now she decided to start a little game with the best cop ever and the only one able to get her.

So I liked this book, I really liked but Eve and Roarke makes things so easy for us to love, especially when he’s taking care of her and making everything better. Plus this is their first anniversary and things are complicated, but I actually loved how romantic he is and Eve is learning a bit of how to shop for presents and gave Roarke a very nice gift.

Oh, I almost forgot. Dallas was a mess after everything happened with her in that hotel room and she is starting to relive those things, plus they visited Texas for the case.