The Goddess - Robyn Grady
I do love these romances connected with mythology and The Goddess is a good example of a great journey. I liked Darius and he seams like a complete normal guy trying to handle his family and the country, but the best part is Helene, she’s so full of life and makes sure Darius can enjoy a few days without the worry and the regulamentations.

Their relationship is kinda difficult, because she’s a commoner, but Darius is a nice guy and after having sex and facing the consequences of a goddess hoping for the next generation we can clearly see, his life has completely changed, but he still tries to make the right thing.

He could be a little more romantic, but he’s royal and things are different for them growing up, so he’s as good as they come. But he showed a very nurturing side when faced with his sister love affairs, and I really liked him giving up power for a chance.