Never to Sleep - Rachel Vincent
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This little novella was not something that caught my eye, but since is a fresh book from Rachel Vincent and is part of Soul Screamers, I decided to give it a chance. Don’t get me wrong. I love this series, but Sophie is not a great person.

Her life was pretty perfect with a loving family and she had everything a girl could ask for, but she treated Kaylee so bad in all the books.

This novella is from Sophie POV and she gets a tastes of Kaylee world when in a panic moment she screams for her life, but she’s not alone and this new boy seams to have all kinds of secrets.

I liked the sort story and how Rachel managed to wrap everything in just this book, but still don’t like Sophie. She’s a bully and has issues that are not normal. For me she’s just pathetic and her life is very easy, with the dancing squad and everything she wanted. This visit in Netherworld was something she needed, life an eye opener. Maybe in the next book she gets a better attitude.