Expecting a Bolton Baby - Sarah M. Anderson

I think this is the last book in this series, but not my favorite because I was never a fan of Bobby and he sound like a giant ass during the first two, but now we got to see his reasons and why people think less of him. I have to say he was better than I expected and treated Stella like a lady even after she told him about the pregnancy. He acted like a true Bolton.


Stella was a difficult character for me because she’s cold and very suffered a lot in her childhood, but after all those years she can’t find her place and that for me was a strange think, considering how much she tried to escape her father tyranny. I wanted more bravery from her especially because she lived in another country and could live as she wished.


These two needed to deal with some trust issues first, but they made a cute couple. And we got to see more of those badass Bolton Brothers again.

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